Public Speaking

"We have used Michael to speak to our membership on several occasions and every time he was informative and engaging. His ability to use stories and real life examples, helps his audience to really understand the issues. I know that our members have been able to put some of his ideas into practice."

— Tamelynda Lux, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Family Enterprise, Southwestern Ontario Chapter

Jump-Start the Learning Process

Setting the right tone for a meeting or presentation is pivotal to ensuring a productive event. NCI Solutions Limited has developed a variety of supportive programs to Jump-Start group involvement and engage participant attention. Our keynote addresses, seminar style presentations, panel discussions and break-out sessions combine humor, counsel and life experience with your key message. We have presented lectures and seminars to audiences of all sizes and from all perspectives on the subjects of Family Business, Team Building, the Power of Executive Coaching and Fundamentals of Communication.

Make Your Message Resonate

Employees in an organization often listen more closely to an unfamiliar voice, even though the information is not novel. NCI brings trained professional storytellers to your workplace forum who blend real-life lessons with your key communications goals. Their presentations offer a fresh and intriguing perspective to your attendees, embedding your message and setting strategic direction.

NCI will also work directly with key individuals within your organization, building on their relationships with peers and reports to reinforce your communications objectives.

We'll help your message resonate.