Business Families

"We have used Michael to work with our Roundtables, unique groups of individuals that own and operate family-owned enterprises. Michael’s skill as a coach and facilitator helps these groups work at a higher level, so that the group talks about real issues and gains value from their interactions."

— David Schnarr, Executive Director, Center for Family Business

When the Company is the Family, It's Never Business as Usual

Business families in Canada produce 70% of all new jobs. But while they are a vital part of the nation's economic engine, family businesses receive no assistance from local and federal governments and scant recognition from banking institutions to overcome their unique competitive challenges.

Juggling inter-personal dynamics with the challenges of managing and growing a successful business, families struggle for able stewardship and shareholder clarity. Unlike organizations structured on a corporate hierarchy, in which the decision-making process follows a predictable critical path, family businesses are susceptible to competition between siblings and a patriarch or matriarch's emotional bias. Persuading family members to "buy in" to transparent succession and transition processes is something that other businesses never deal with, and which few professional advisors acknowledge.

NCI Solutions Limited brings its practical experience and life-long learning as a third-generation business family to the complex and delicate issues of family business management. We are actively involved in the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE) and other family-focused learning associations and organizations. Our relevant background, decades of mediation experience and respected executive coaching skills have enabled us to help hundreds of families understand and adapt the structures for harmony and success.

How NCI can help transform your family business

  • The Three Circle Model
  • Family Councils
  • Legal Issues and Structures
  • Fair vs. Equal
  • Stewardship
  • Succession
  • Coaching
  • Board of Advisors
  • How do the pieces fit?
  • Communication within the family
  • Shareholder agreements, legal obligations
  • How family members are treated
  • Preparing for the next generation
  • Passing and receiving the baton
  • Helping individuals succeed
  • Helping the company succeed