Business & Executive Retreats

"Executive Retreats are unique, and they can bring your team together and drive energy and change, or they can be a waste of time and zap whatever remaining energy or cohesion the group has left. I have attended two retreats facilitated by Michael, and both have been unique and different. They addressed the issues that we had hoped, and helped us leave with a new and energized perspective."

— Robert Keilty, President, Toronto Corporate Practice, HKMB HUB International

Turn Togetherness into a Trade Fair of Ideas

Leading companies appreciate that business retreats encourage adaptability and innovation by allowing smaller, malleable groups to share ideas and insights. Retreats are also a significant management tool to increase trust and engender commitment to positive change.

But every person who joins a project alters the group dynamics. And how could it be otherwise? Each individual brings along a singular perspective, priorities, values, methods and habits. No wonder groups move so slowly and often flounder on the path to accomplishing goals.

Business retreats encumbered by poor group dynamics, waste time and opportunity. They sap productivity and morale. Repeated negative and frustrating group experiences will provoke key staff members to decline participation in a collective format, whether working or volunteering.

NCI Solutions Limited has organized and facilitated executive and business retreats with companies across the country. We help groups to set direction and create clarity of purpose for their shared experience. We teach our clients how to balance control and collaboration, staying focused on the agenda. We enable attendees to build invaluable team relationships from within their group, uniting their individual perspectives into a common vision, and identifying the critical path to achieve team goals.