Case Studies - Archive

PDF and audio downloads of recent case studies are available on the main Case Studies page. To request a download of one of the archived case studies, please complete a New Case Study Request.

Family owned and operated businesses

  • Lost outside the circle - John Poole's perfect plan for the family HVAC business is threatened by his brother James until the Three Circle Model points the way to a solution.

  • All is Fair in Family and Business - Worried that he's going to end up with the short end of the stick, James demands a key position in the family business, jeopardizing John's new strategy. Family relationships become strained and the business is brought to a crisis point until everyone understands that being treated equally isn't necessarily fair.

Executive leadership

  • Promoting the Best Performer: a lose-lose proposition - The burgeoning Township of Leastings is about to implode under Paul Stone's growth strategy of promoting the best performer.